Why Blog?


So let me first start off by introducing myself. My name is Ace Loughmiller and I am currently the bandleader and drummer of Hawaii's Premier Top 40 Band "Beyond Paradise". I'm also the owner of a recording studio and record label here on the Big Island that I've operated for over 15 years recording and producing numerous artists in Hawaii.

I have been professionally playing music (which means I have been getting paid to do it) for the past 20 years here. While I have performed in every situation imaginable including bar gigs, restaurants, and family luaus, all the way up to concerts, corporate and exclusive private events, I am sure I have not done it all yet. However, I can tell you I have experienced every human emotion possible throughout this 20-year musical journey and feel ready to pass what knowledge I have gained through these musical experiences down to the next generation.

And by the way, the end of my journey is nowhere in sight :)

I'd been tossing the idea of sharing my own experiences and knowledge around for sometime but was not really sure how to do so (Partly in due to the limited time in my life already). I originally thought of developing a podcast in which I could share my information through spoken word but quickly realized that would take too much of my time and the time of those who will be involved in this ongoing music blog (there will be some very special guests).

So after some discussion with the band members of Beyond Paradise and very limited to no World Wide Web research (haha!), we decided to birth the Hawaii Music Blog! Hawaii is a very specialized market in comparison to the world out there and I feel this information will be helpful for those musicians growing up and living here in Hawaii. However, I'm sure it will apply to much more than just music in general, and the average local musician.

Our intention is to be consistent in sharing valuable, practical and educational information from our own real life experiences within this blog utilizing the advanced technologies available to us. We invite you to be a part of it and hope you enjoy it and share it with those you feel may benefit from the information provided.

It's been a 20-year adventure so far and I look forward to bringing you along as we embark on a new journey together. It’s going to be both exciting and entertaining I’m sure. If you have any questions or topics you would like to be covered, subscribe using your email or comment on our blog posts and we will try our best to cover all your requested topics.

Stay tuned for our first blog tomorrow at 11am!