5 Tips For A Successful Gig

So you’ve planned, rehearsed, prepared and are now ready for the gig! Here a few tips that will ensure a successful performance.


1. Check Your Gear.

Every musician should have a checklist or some sort of gear checking ritual to ensure you have all necessary pieces of equipment before a gig. Check to make sure you have your guitar, power cables, drum sticks, keyboard stand, iPad, Mics, etc.  And check your band member’s gear too!


2. Talk To Your Sound Man.

We’ve all seen those “don’t piss off the sound man” t-shirts. So communicate with the company who will be providing the sound for your gig ahead of time. Never assume they will provide specific gear for you or the equipment you need will somehow magically appear at the gig. Make contact and discuss your band or individual needs ahead of time. Trust me this will cut down a lot of stress before and during your gig allowing your sound man to do what he does best, Make you sound great!


3. Know Your Crowd.

This is VERY important. You do not want to show up at the Mother's Day “Dinner” event playing Metallica. Seems self explanatory



4. Be On Time!

This should probably be number one on this list! Being hired as a musician is like being hired as an employee for a company. If you’re scheduled to perform at 6pm don’t arrive at 6pm. Give yourself ample time anticipating delays (like unexpected car trouble) so you arrive on time. Arriving early at a gig is always better than arriving late. Plus this will give you time to set up your gear and to get comfortable in your environment!


5. Be Flexible.

Gigs never go as planned so you need to expect the unexpected. Sometimes you’ll be asked to play longer or you won’t have enough time to play the one song you’ve been rehearsing for weeks. Understand the importance of being flexible. This will go further than you think the next time someone is considering hiring your band.

Heres a pic from an event we did for Nike. They requested psychedelic 60's! 

Heres a pic from an event we did for Nike. They requested psychedelic 60's! 


Now get out there and have a great gig!