Improve Your Stage Presence

I am a musician. I am a lover of music. The simple fact that I’m blessed to do this professionally still blows my mind. The art of stringing notes together to create a perfectly balanced melody is amazing to me. I have invested countless hours of my time into the art that we call music. It’s more than a hobby. It’s more than a past time. It’s more than just a way to make money. It’s a passion. It’s my first love. I am a musician.

I am also a performer. I love to engage. I express my soul through the way I perform. The energy that I exude on stage is to be enjoyed by the audience. You can quote me on this (if you’d like), but I believe that anybody can stand on stage and sing. It’s easy to stand and play your instrument like a robot. But an audience won’t connect with that. They might sit there and listen and maybe occasionally clap for you, but as a performer you have to want more for your performance.

 Let’s try this. Close your eyes and envision your favorite musician. What draws you to them? What makes you keep watching videos of them? What makes them attractive to you in the sense that they are your favorite artist? I doubt that your vision has them standing still. I can assure you that they aren’t shy, or unconfident.

 I wouldn’t consider myself the Michael Jackson of stage performers and I’m not trying to teach a master class on performing on stage. But I do have a few tips that I’ve learned throughout the years that will hopefully help you improve your stage presence. 


1. Research

 The best way to start your stage presence journey is to emulate your favorite artist. My favorite artist is Bruno mars. Not just because he has Hawaii ties, but because of his musicality and stage presence.  He exudes a confidence while he’s on stage that you can’t help but admire. From his dance moves to his attitude, he’s the total package when it comes to stage presence. I like to watch him and try to use his dance moves. My advice to you would be to watch your favorite performers and take a few things that you like from their show. Incorporate it into your performance. You will be an unstoppable force on stage.


2. Be confident

Just as Bruno Mars exudes confidence, so should you on stage. Be exciting. Let your personality come out. Find someone in the audience and look at them. Get them to engage. Talk to them. Be personable. If you seem nervous or shy it will show. The audience will pick that out easily. So own the stage.


3. Smile

There was one particular time where an audience member came up to me after our gig. She talked about how great we sounded and how she loved our stage presence. But she said that we lacked one thing. Connection. She talked about how I didn’t make eye contact with her and how she didn’t feel connected to us personally. Now as awkward as it was, she was correct. Connect with your audience. Smile. Give eye contact. Be as personable as you can while you’re onstage.


Most importantly, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to go out there and own it.

Jonah Souza