3 Tips For A Successful Rehearsal

Now that you’ve identified your goals and are actively pursuing them, it is now time to get out there and make some music! Well, almost time. Now you need to rehearse! Here are 3 quick tips for a successful rehearsal.

1. Plan Ahead

Before scheduling a rehearsal you need to plan ahead. All band members need to know what they will be doing at rehearsal and what is expected of each member. If you plan to learn 2-3 songs, send these songs to all of your band members ahead of time so they can know their individual parts and begin preparing. (We will be providing information on how to learn a lot of songs at once in an upcoming blog).

2. Do Your Homework!

Now obviously Tip #2 is highly dependent on Tip #1. Once you have been provided with the necessary materials for your next rehearsal, start doing your homework! Learn your parts and practice them on your own time before arriving at rehearsal. This will ease rehearsal for all band members allowing you to have a successful rehearsal.

3. Execute

Once you have planned and prepared, it is now time to execute! Rehearsal should be exactly that. Rehearsal. You don’t want to sit around waiting for the other band members to learn their parts nor do they wish to sit around waiting for you. So learn your parts and execute them during your time together!

What you practice in private you will be rewarded for in public – Tony Robbins

Here’s to a successful rehearsal!