Your Drums Are Too Loud!


How many times have you heard that line at a gig?

Now drummers please sit down as I make this statement (no pun intended). Not all gigs require angry, full force, finger bleeding, stress relieving pounding of your drums haha! Of course the general public seems to think that’s why you’re a drummer in the first place :)

Being a drummer is never easy especially in a controlled environment. As soon as there are any issues with the volume of a band, it's typically the drummer who gets the “can you play softer?” request. Or even the dirty looks from the crowd..

Now you have the option to take off your shirt and place it over your drums to bring down the volume and perhaps for some gigs this may be the perfect choice. However, I’d like to give you a few other options to tame the volume of your drums in case you haven’t hit the gym in the past 24 hours. Or 24 years..

The first product I’d recommend and I personally keep on hand is the Remo RemO’s Tone Control Rings. I find these to be quick, simple and easy as I can place them on the drum head and begin playing immediately. These seem to work best “indoors” as I have had them fly away on the beach during our outdoor events (this may have been due to positioning of the stage). The idea behind this product is to reduce the “ring” or overtones in your toms.

The second product I’d recommend is the Pro Mark Hot Rods. These are basically a drum stick made up of mini rods (or dowels) wrapped together which will allow you to perform as usual with less volume than your traditional drumstick. These have worked well for indoor events and up close intimate settings.

Now if either of these products do not fit into your budget (although they should), there is always the traditional duck tape. Which I do NOT recommend unless you’re in an emergency or without the above recommended products. For the record, I have been in numerous emergency situations having to use duct tape more times than I can remember.🙈

I hope this helps you drummers in your future performances and to avoid being stared down when you’re banging on those drums too loud!

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