What Is Your Cost Per Hour?

Our rates are based on the location, type and time of event (For example, prices for performances are higher on Fridays and Saturdays because that is when musicians are in greatest demand. A New Years Eve performance would also cost more than a normal performance). We are able to work with client’s requests providing them with rates at 45 min, 75 min, & 90 min increments. 


What Days Of The Week Are You Available? 

All band members have regular day jobs which put our normal musical availability on weekends and evenings. However, we can be flexible to meet client’s needs during the week if provided with sufficient notice.


What type of equipment is included with price? (sound, lights, etc.)

As musicians we supply our own instruments necessary to perform for your event. Our prices do NOT include sound, lights, etc. We can provide you with our sound specs upon request and we are able to provide you with professional sound and lighting references. 


Where Are You Located? 

We are located in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. 


Are You Restricted To The Big Island Only?

Absolutely not! We are more than happy to travel for clients! This may include trips to outer islands and the mainland if travel compensation is appropriate. 


What Are Your Payment/Compensation Terms? 

Once a fee has been discussed and agreed upon for your event, A 15 percent deposit of Fee is due upon the signing of a performance agreement. All payments can be made by a cashier's check, cash, and/or check.  The remaining balance of Fee is due prior to performance at your event.